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Life Insurance

What happens to your loved ones when you become an angel? Life Insurance provides the ability to cover debts and provide a legacy. Whether you need to cover your debts, provide income security, distribute wealth or utilize a tax efficient investment strategy, we have a product and solution to suit your unique need.  

Critical Illness Insurance

Are you prepared for the often unexpected costs that are associated with living with a serious illness? Living, treating & recovering from a serious illness can have a devastating financial impact.

Disability Insurance

Help protect your income and your families savings by looking into Disability Insurance. DI is designed to provide protection for an individual or business in the event of a disability.

Long Term Care

Are you concerned about covering costs when the time comes for care either at home or in a facility? The scale of these expenses are  often overlooked.


Are you protecting what’s most important? Be sure. With InsureRight.

If something happened to you, you want to be certain you have the right coverage to protect your family, your lifestyle and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. But there’s a lot to consider when buying insurance. What type of coverage is right for you? How much is enough?

With InsureRight, it’s simple to answer these questions. InsureRight will help outline what you need to consider so you can feel confident about the coverage you choose for your insurance needs. The InsureRight checklist is a great place to start. Begin with the step that’s right for you. And when you’re ready, visit InsureRight.ca for more tools that will help you take a closer look at your insurance needs.

“I don’t call it "Life Insurance," I call it "Love Insurance." We buy it because we want to leave a legacy for those we love.” - Farshad Asl

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